If you’re on the fence trying to decide between natural stone countertops or engineered stone countertops, these pros and cons of each can help you decide. Both natural stone and engineered stone countertops are durable and will add value to your home. Learn the pros and cons of each below to help you make an informed decision.

Natural Options Are Very Popular With Buyers

According to IBIS, it’s estimated that the natural stone market was about $35,120.1 million in 2018. They are predicting by 2026 the market will be worth about $48,068.4 million. This type of material is very popular because of its uniqueness. Natural options mean that each slab is unique. Nature does not duplicate materials. While marble selections will be similar and the same is true for granite, there will be little nuances that make each slab unique.

It’s Popular But It’s More Expensive

One of the biggest cons of going natural with your countertops is the cost. Natural options are about one-third more expensive than engineered options. The added cost is not only for the materials. There can be added costs that homeowners run into because flooring and cabinets may have to be reinforced to ensure the weight of natural countertops can be tolerated.

Engineered Pros

Engineered options are less expensive and lighter, so flooring and cabinetry do not need to be reinforced, and they require no maintenance. Natural options do require maintenance. Natural options must be sealed every six to twelve months to prevent issues. Engineered options are not porous. Therefore, you never have to reseal them.

The Look

One complaint homeowners mention about engineered options is that they look perfect. Natural options have flaws that add to the charm. However, many homeowners prefer the look of perfection in their home.

It’s a Personal Choice

Both natural and engineered stone options are great options. Which type you choose is largely a personal preference. If you do not mind having the countertops resealed and love the look of natural stone then that is the right choice. If you want a worry-free surface that requires no more maintenance than a quick wipe down, and you want your costs to stay midrange, then engineered options are for you.

These were just a few pros and cons of each material. Gathering as much information as possible will help you to make an informed decision. Both options will add value and beauty to your home. If you’re looking for a reliable commercial tile and stone company, contact Ceramic Matrix today!

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