Home improvement projects have taken over home maintenance projects. According to HomeAdvisor, they estimate homeowners spend approximately $5 on home improvements for every $1 spent on maintenance and repairs.

Tile selection for home remodels can be overwhelming, considering the multiple options available today. Looking up photos of tiles online could help guide your decision, but this should not be your sole determiner.

The suitable architectural stone for your improvement project should match your existing space and be easy to maintain. Here are a few other things to consider before making your purchase.

The design of your tile adds flair to your home overall. Contemplate the goals you are trying to achieve with this remodel. To make your spaces look more prominent, go for big, light-colored tiles. To add texture to your kitchen or bathroom, use a mix of architectural stone, glass, and colored porcelain.

If you plan to improve kitchen countertops, consider the functionality of the tile. Select an architectural stone tile like granite capable of absorbing oil spills. To warm up the floor, install heat mats under the tiles.

For durability, go for porcelain tiles because they can withstand high temperatures. Ceramic tiles are great for bathroom walls and kitchen counters but not ideal for floors. In maintenance, marble and architectural stone tiles require regular sealing.

Consider your budget and the space you are working on before selecting tiles. You can mix up the design for a small bathroom by laying big square tiles on the floor and smaller rectangles on the walls. Large tiles are expensive in purchase and labor because they cost more to manufacture, and two tilers are required for installation.

Instead of settling for what is trendy or hot in the market, opt for timeless tiles that will continue to look glorious years from today. Consider purchasing terrazzo, neutral colors, or concrete-looking modern and sophisticated tiles.

Keep room lighting in mind if you want to place the same color of tiles on the floor and wall. How the light hits the floor and walls is not the same, which will affect the room’s overall look.

Call us today for a professional consultation on architectural stone tiles and to identify the best fit for your new home.

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