One way to improve your house look is to apply exterior tile and stone facade. Facade tiles are thin, inch-thick shavings of rock or brick that, once applied, give the appearance of the full thickness of the stone. Placing these tiles on the exterior walls as an alternative to wall siding can make your home look like it was built from a natural stone.

The facade tiles bear no weight of the building but are applied to exterior walls after they are built. Sometimes, exterior tile and stone are called the building envelope. This type of exterior wall finish used to be applied to large commercial buildings, but now the technology is also used to finish residential homes.

Architects like using natural stone facades on modern buildings as they add visual interest and appeal to an otherwise smooth and clean line of the designs. Research reports that the world’s natural stone market is growing due to this trend in the building industry. It was valued at $35,120.1 million in 2018, but it is estimated to reach $48,068.4 million in 2026.

Benefits of Facade Tiling

The stone facade creates a robust exterior finish for your home. With minimal upkeep duties, it is practically applied and left. Application of exterior tile and stone facade provides excellent wind resistance and protection from other weather elements making your house strong and resilient. The stone facade adds an extra insulating layer to your home, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, applying stone tile can reduce your heating and cooling bills. The facade tiles can add plenty of curb appeal to your home without high additional costs. And facade materials can be mixed to improve your home’s unique look further.

Types of Tile and Stone Facade Tiling Available

Ledge Stone Tiles

Stone can add a beautiful feature to a rugged timber frame construction. Its rectangular shape works well with most architectural designs.

Modern Stone Tiles

Rugged stone texture creates interest in contemporary architecture’s smooth, sleek lines. The most suitable designs would be those cut in a linear orientation.

Traditional Field Stone Tiles

These have irregular shapes and provide great contrast against the orderly lines of the current architecture.

Ceramic Tile Veneer

Ceramic tiles can also be used as an exterior facade. They are not as durable as stone tiles, but the variety of designs that ceramic tiles introduce makes them a good choice.

Adding an exterior stone and tile facade in any type, color, and shape of your choice will improve both the looks and value of your property. Stone gives you the chance to completely change the look of your home and increase your home value.

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