Natural architectural stone can give a gorgeous touch to your wedding that would otherwise be hard to replicate. If you are in love with the colors and texture that natural stone offers but you are not sure of how you can incorporate it in your wedding decor, check out these three tips.

Use it As Your Centerpiece

You could make architectural stone your centerpiece in a number of creative ways. If you can get a large slab of natural stone in the hue you like, you could use it as the table on which the cake is placed, or around which the bridal party will sit. The natural color and refined rustic nature is bound to give an upgrade to your event, introducing the natural aspect in a way that will fit a number of themes. Style it up or style it down as you please, and create an attraction that will make your wedding the talk of the town.

Use it As A Highlight

From natural stone placeholders to menus and decorative pots for each guest’s table, the options of using architectural stone as a highlight in your wedding theme are endless. You could use rough-cut pieces or perfectly sanded pieces, whichever stays close to your theme and creates a lovely highlight. Just make sure to use it in moderation, otherwise you risk it overshadowing everything else and taking over the whole show!

Use it To Add a Masculine Touch to The Wedding

Lace, flowers, and lots of bright colors at the wedding can instantly be balanced by the stark contrast of a solid block of natural stone. Whether you use it as the backdrop for the table where the bride and groom will sit or have it as the top on which refreshments are served or gifts displayed, there is always room for natural stone. Once again, you can leave it completely rough and natural or sand it down a bit to alter its shape and size.

With the market for natural stones valued at $35,120.1 million globally in 2018, it is projected to reach a value of $48,068.4 million in 2026. You will therefore start to see natural stone in use a lot more in future, so you can join the trailblazers using it right now by finding room for it in your wedding decor.

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