Are you building a new pool or upgrading an old pool? Have you considered the value of natural stone additions? Natural stone pool tiles are a great addition to any pool. There are unique benefits that you can find by incorporating natural stone into your pool. Here are three of those benefits.

1. Stone Pool Tiles Are Naturally Absorbent

The surroundings around your pool can get slick. Natural stone pool tiles can enhance safety. They are naturally absorbent and wick away the water quickly. They can help to keep the area around your pool safer. The surroundings are not the only place you should consider using natural stone.

Pool steps for an inground pool can also benefit from being constructed from natural stone. Natural stone makes it easier to stay sure-footed as you navigate very wet areas.

2. They Are Very Durable

It is hard to beat the durability of natural stone. This easy-maintenance construction material can easily last centuries with minimal care. American homeowners on average will sink about $1 on home maintenance for every $5 of home improvement dollars spent. In other words, according to Angi, homeowners are not big on maintenance. Making your pool easier to maintain by using stone pool tiles is a great option.

3. They Can Stand Up To The Elements

Natural stone pool tiles are both frost and heat-resistant naturally. They can withstand a lot of temperature swings that other materials cannot. Natural stone will stand up to freezing temperatures and the hottest summer heat without ever showing signs of stress.

Of course, you must not forget about all that durable beauty that they deliver. Natural stone can be aesthetically pleasing and keep that look for years and years. Natural stone comes in a wide range of colors that can complement any home.

Before you make any decisions about pool upgrades or installation, look at what natural stone has to offer. Speak to a professional that has the experience to deliver all the benefits of natural stone. Connect with an experienced installer today to make the right decision for your pool at Ceramic Matrix!

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