In 2022, natural stone is being used for outdoor space design. A home design and remodeling expert can help you choose the best type and design for your outdoor patio, kitchen, garden, or pool area. Natural stone can be granite, marble, limestone, glass mosaics, quartz, sandstone, and volcanic rock. The trend is to maximize outdoor space and make the outdoor space more enjoyable.

Natural Stone Floors For Patios and Outdoor Kitchens

Natural stone on your outdoor patio or kitchen floor is durable and looks good for many years. There are many types available to match the decor or theme you are planning. They can be cut to form steps and even walls if that is needed in your patio or outdoor kitchen design. Installation should be done by your home design and remodeling expert as it requires specific skills.

Think about using stone local to your area that is used in historic gardens and buildings. Bigger slabs will give the kitchen or garden area the illusion of looking larger and are often used in larger areas. Smaller areas will require smaller stone slabs and you can match the color of the house for the patio or type of garden you are building.

Use thicker stone pieces as they are durable and do not crack or lift off the ground easily. Some stone tiles should not be sealed, and others should be sealed to keep clean and prevent damage. They can easily be cleaned by sweeping and pressure washing.

Gardens and Pool Areas

Stone tiles in gardens can be used for garden paths, borders, and areas for sitting and enjoying nature. They come in varied sizes and can be designed to fit your garden theme. Many customers use marble or limestone because they are light colors that match almost any design. Natural stone often comes in assorted colors and hues to give a unique look to any garden path or area.

Natural stone around the pool as part of the patio gives a relaxed, natural feel to the outdoors. It is safe and non-slip, providing safety for your family and guests. Waterline pool tiles are installed around the pool waterline and made of ceramic using a 6-inch strip. They can withstand the chemical treatment in the pool and a unique design can be added to the interior of your pool. There are waterline tiles made of glass mosaics with amazing blue and green color combinations.

Contact our home design and remodeling expert to learn about natural stone tiles for your patio, garden, or outdoor kitchen. We can discuss ceramic and glass mosaic tile for your pool patio area too. Call today to learn more.

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