It’s November, which means it is officially time to start looking towards the upcoming home design trends for next year. Kitchen trends in 2022 involve using stone for kitchen countertops and islands, using tile for backsplashes and on walls, wood cabinets, and tiled kitchen floors. These quality materials give a new or older kitchen an upscale look. These trends for 2022 reflect the desire of consumers to use quality and sustainable materials in their kitchens. Home design and remodeling experts can help you choose the right materials for your new kitchen or upgrade.

Marble Is a Versatile Stone

Marble is a versatile stone that is used in the kitchen for countertops, sinks, and kitchen islands. Some consumers are adding marble handles on the cabinets and around the windows. It is chosen for its quality and appearance in the kitchen. Some kitchens use marble tile for a kitchen backsplash on the walls. It is very pleasing to the eye and your home design and remodeling experts can discuss the pros and cons of this material in your kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplashes Returns

Kitchen backsplashes made of tile are popular and many kitchens use a minimalist style of one color with a simple design on the walls. White, gray, or light pastel colors will show the other features of the kitchen more dramatically. Eco-friendly colors for backsplash tiles have become popular; shades of green, blue, and yellow that emphasize the great outdoors. Besides tiles, some backsplashes are made of glass and marble as an alternative to tile. Basic colors like white, black, and gray will remain a popular choice in the kitchen.

Wood Cabinets

Custom-designed cabinets made with a wide range of wood are popular in kitchen design. Consumers use sustainable wood, cherry, maple, oak, birch, and walnut. Dark and light wood colors are a popular choice because they last a long time. Consumers are opting for unpainted wood cabinets to show off the grain. Some kitchens use open wood shelves in smaller spaces to give the kitchen a roomier look. Wood is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Tile Kitchen Floors

There are different types of tile and consumers are installing tile floors in the kitchen. Ceramic is popular because it does not stain and resists water. Glazed ceramic tiles are even better for moisture control. You can replace the tiles instead of the whole floor should it become damaged. Porcelain tile is even more durable than ceramic and is often used in commercial kitchens. It is easy to clean and only requires sweeping and mopping. These tiles add a decorative element to any kitchen.

Contact your home design and remodeling experts to find out how these trends can be applied to your kitchen upgrade or design. Homeowners tend to spend more on home improvement than maintenance, as every dollar spent on maintenance sees $5 spent on improvement. Perhaps it’s time to think about remodeling your kitchen this year.

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