The Impressions Collection reimagines concrete’s unique look in a glass tile medium, allowing the aesthetic to apply to a much broader range of products. Inspired by the natural variations of concrete tiles, Impressions glass tiles feature color hues blended in subtle, mesmerizing patterns on the glossy-surfaced, fused glass.  Placed together the diverse and distinctive tiles create a naturally flowing and visually stunning look, which offers a calm alternative to the complex patterns commonly found in glass tiles.

USAGE: Interior walls, Fireplaces, Kitchen Backsplashes, Showers and Steam Shower, Exterior Walls, Pool and Spa Features. 3.5”x 12” & 6”x 12” are not recommended for Pool, Spa & Water features. Gloss not recommended for Floors or Counters.


2x8 Impressions Fossil Gloss

2″x8″ Fossil Gloss

Glacier Gloss

2″x8″ Glacier Gloss

Impressions 2x8 Horizon Blue Gloss

2″x8″ Horizon Blue Gloss

35x12 Impressions Fossil

3.5″x12″ Fossil Gloss

Glacier Gloss

3.5″x12″ Glacier Gloss

35x12 Impressions Horizon Blue

2″x8″ Horizon Blue Gloss

Flat Trim Fossil Gloss

Flat Trim Fossil Gloss

Flat Glass Trim Glacier Gloss

Flat Trim Glacier Gloss

Flat Trim Horizon Blue

Flat Trim Horizon Blue Gloss

Palms Glacier Gloss

Palms Glacier Gloss

11 3/4 x 9 1/8

Palms color palette

Palms Gloss Available in these colors

Spindrift Glacier Gloss

Spindrift Glacier Gloss

11 3/4 x 11 3/4

spindrift palette

Spindrift Gloss Available in these colors

Waveline Glacier Gloss

Waveline Glacier Gloss

12 3/4 x 12 5/8

waveline palette

Waveline Gloss Available in these colors

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