Cherry Moonbeam Mosaic

Cherry, a stunning Jazz Glass mosaic, mirrors the ephemeral beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms. The pink-hued springtime flora embodies fragility and effortless allure with delicate, blushing petals. Cherry encapsulates this essence in an intricate creation, harmoniously blending soft, iridescent colors that reflect both light and color. Dark Cherry features a background in Dizzy Plum Jazz Glass, adorned with Parish Purple stems and flowers in Mulberry Jam, Pink Lady & Rose Blush. Light Cherry consists of a Moonbeam Matte background, with stems in Veined White, Café Cream and Rose Blush flowers, and buds in Pink Lady & Rose Blush. This all-over glass mosaic is stocked in 30-1/8″x 24″ x 1/8″ interlocking sheets.

APPLICATIONS: Interior walls, dry application only

Cherry Dark plum

Dark Cherry Dizzy Plum Mosaic

Gloss Glass
SIZE: 24″ X 30 1/8″ X 1/8″

Cherry Light MOON

Light Cherry Moonbeam Mosaic

Mixed Finish Glass
SIZE: 24″ X 30 1/8″ X 1/8″

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